2019 Rate Card

The CriticalCareCareers.com Post2Hire Program is a cost-effective, precision targeted, multi tactical advertising campaign designed to expedite the sourcing and hiring of experienced critical care clinical professionals.

The CriticalCareCareers.com Post2Hire Program is designed to increase clinical community awareness in Program participant organizations, and the career opportunities available within these organizations.

The CriticalCareCareers.com Post2Hire Program is intended for:

  • Healthcare Provider Organizations including; Hospitals, Integrated Healthcare Delivery Networks (IDNs), as well as Home Health Care, Long Term Care, and LTACH organizations.
  • Advertising Agencies responsible for assisting healthcare provider clients with sourcing qualified clinical professionals.
  • Manufacturers of Products & Services indicated for critical care patients. This Program is ideal for identifying clinical professionals for industry based clinical specialist and medical science liaison positions.

In addition to the differentiated benefits provided to all C3 customers, organizations participating in the CriticalCareCareers.com Post2Hire Program organizations receive:

Critical Care Flexi-Post™ job postings - Critical Care Flexi-Post job postings provide Program participants with maximum flexibility to edit position titles, job descriptions, and geographic locations as needed. Critical Care Flexi-Post job postings are considered Platinum Jobs. Platinum Jobs are highlighted at the top of all search results pages and are distributed to the C3 proprietary data base of critical care clinical professionals often expediting the search process.

Featured Employer Status - Featured Employers receive a dedicated page on CriticalCareCareers.com containing; a detailed description of their organization, corporate branding, a link to their corporate home page, and an exclusive listing of all of their jobs posted on CriticalCareCareers.com.

Corporate Branding - Participants in the CriticalCareCareers.com Post2Hire Program receive priority placement of their corporate banner on the most highly visited pages of CriticalCareCareers.com including; home page, search page, ALL search results pages, and job details pages. The banner is linked to the Featured Employer's dedicated page on C3.

For more information on CriticalCareCareers.com and the CriticalCareCareers.com Post2Hire Program, please contact your C3 account representative at 800.578.0948 x103 or complete the contact request form and a C3 account representative will contact you within 24 hours.