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October 1, 2019

3D-Printed Models Can Drop Operating Room Times, Bolster Bottom Line

Deploying 3D-printed, anatomical patient models and surgical guides has the potential to dramatically drop both time spent in the operating room and healthcare costs. That’s according to a new study published last week in Academic Radiology. Based on a review of several past analyses, researchers estimate that such anatomical models could save more than $3,700 per case by reducing time spent in the OR, and surgical guides could save nearly $1,500.  Read More

IV Iron Does Not Increase Risk for Infection, Mortality

Findings published in International Urology and Nephrology suggest that the use of high-dose parenteral iron is not associated with a higher risk for infection, all-cause mortality, increased hospitalization or increased cardiovascular events. According to the study, effective production of red cells and optimization of hemoglobin among patients with end-stage renal disease require continuing monthly iron infusion, but the safety of iron has been extensively debated.   Read More

Unexpected Microbiome Collapse After Admission to Intensive Care

Research published in the journal Microbial Genomics assessed how the diversity and makeup of the gut microbiome varied during patients' time in the intensive care unit (ICU). The gut microbiome is the complex community of bacteria and other microbes that reside in the gut, and plays an important role in health and wellbeing. Read More